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Underground System

We are Underground System


A convergence of musical and cultural
influences, the unstoppable
female-fronted group of neo-afrobeat
deconstructionists have cultivated a
sound as inimitable as its members.


Lead Vocals, Flute, Percussion / Domenica Fossati
Guitar, Sampling / Peter Matson
Drums / Yoshio Kobayashi
Bass / Jon Granoff
Shekere, Background Vocals / Lollise Mbi
Congas / Olatunji Tunji
Trumpet & Keyboards / Carter Yasutake




"What Are You" out now on Soul Clap Records...  

Nmani - (Live - Official Video); filmed at Good Room, BK. 

"Just a Place" from 'What Are You' LP. Remix 12" out now out on Soul Clap Records worldwide…

Live @ Paste Studio NYC, presented by GroundUP Music. Watch Facebook live stream.

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Underground System

Oui, Oui. France this December for Transmusicales!

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