Transmusicales 2018 Press + Video Roundup

Underground System @ Transmusicales

2019 Whatup! Going to be a big one. We finished off 2018 in Europe for the 40th year of Transmusicales alongside some incredible acts including Arp Frique, Nihiiloxica, Pongo, Ajate and Bodega. A huge thanks to AFX Agency & the Transmusicales team for having us!

For some more info on our time in France and our Les Trans show, here are a few articles that mention us <3

- Les Inrock, The 9 Unforgettable Shows at Transmusicales

- Tsugi.FR, 40 Years of Transmusicales

- Ouest France, Favorite Shows of Transmusicales

- Interview: RFI (2’00)

Domenica Fossati

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